Flagstone Patio • Tiburon, California

Flagstone Patio • Tiburon, California

Through our Design Build process, we provide our clients with the “highest and best use of their land” through the enhancement of what exists and the visualization and creation of what is possible.

Since 1981, we have been providing the following services in the creation of our uniquely created design elements as follows.

Stone Walls & Patios
Fences, Decks & Pergolas
Water Features
Swimming Pools
Planting, Irrigation, & Lighting

We have the innate ability to visualize new designs that incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve a unique, innovative concept efficiently and economically over the long term for our clients.

Our services begin with comprehensive site analysis and a Master Design plan. We then address all planning and building permit process requirements by city, county and state agencies.

Once the project vision is manifested, we provide a written estimate with our in-house team of consultants and contractors to easily and quickly move the project into reality. We then form a team of consultants and personnel in-house to coordinate the entire construction phase. Our continuous and seamless process ensures that the project translates into quality implementation and construction. Our continuous and uninterrupted service ensures the success of our visionary landscapes.

Once the construction is complete and the new landscape is in place, we preserve the inherent qualities of the site and proceed to reestablish the natural character of the ecosystem with plantings.

Our clients enjoy moving through the entire process as we guide them towards achieving a consistent level of quality and connectivity from start to finish. Our impeccable attention to detail is executed with minimal disruption to our clients’ lives.

The reward is an end product that will be enjoyed by our clients, their friends and family for years to come. We offer a maintenance program which ensures our clients that their product maintains the built in longevity we have provided for them.

Our work reflects that we care deeply about the final end result. The finished product is aesthetically appealing with seamless natural design connectivity.